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Saturday, April 12, 2014

WKPJB RADIO #UnMutedInk Tribute to Jaze Baqti and WriterJones 04/12 by WKPJB 1039 The Indie Storm | Poetry Podcasts

WKPJB RADIO #UnMutedInk Tribute to Jaze Baqti and WriterJones 04/12 by WKPJB 1039 The Indie Storm | Poetry Podcasts

Jaze Suite: 5110
by Jaze Baqti and WriterJones
Jaze Suite: 5110 cover art
Immediate download of 12-track album in your choice of
high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly
Digging Deeper (Intro) 01:03
The North Star 02:40
Walk Don't Run 02:55           
Omniscience (One Way Street) 02:35
Treadmill Lifestyle 03:00
Think Allowed (Pun Intended) 02:20
The Birth of Revelation (Interlude) 01:55
Revelation -w/Black Gold Dame 03:29
Goodbye Heartache 03:04
Ditto 02:49
Wake Me When I'm Free 03:00
Continuation (Outro) 01:49  
Collaborative effort from producer Jaze Baqti from Le Mans
France and spoken word artist WriterJones from Portsmouth, Virginia.
released 14 January 2013
All songs produced by Jaze Baqti
All lyrics written, recorded, and mixed by WriterJones
Artwork by Christian Vey
tags: experimental hip hop jazz poetry soul spoken word Le

Spoken Word. Hip Hop. Soul. All of these elements, along
with an insatiable need to provide a useful message through his words, describe
Virginia born Spoken Word Artist Writer Jones. In 1996 Jones transitioned from
true school MC to poet after several attempts at breaking into the Hip Hop
scene were futile. Using the methods he'd learned and the hours of hard work
and practice it took to perfect his craft, Jones tried his hand at writing
poetry as an outlet for his creative frustration. Once his work began to take
on the form of many who came before him, he decided that poetry would properly
fulfill his need to use the gift that he had been blessed with. It wasn't until
2007 when Jones returned to Norfolk State University to complete his studies in
Mass Communications, that he began writing and performing more frequently. That
would be about the time when he decided that all the material he had written
should be put to some use. The end result would be his first published book of
poetry titled My Soul Experience: Moods and Moments. It would be another three
years of writing and performing at local open mics and colleges, even a few out
of state, before Jones would decide to record his first album titled Observe
and Report...The Ep. Still raw and un-mastered, the album was, surprisingly,
received well in local poetry and spoken word circles and garnered a
substantial amount of airplay on several online radio stations. Only one year
and a few months later, Jones returned with his new album titled Intellectually
Street and this time out the success of the project was far more great and
through clever marketing techniques and social media, more people became fans
of his work. In particular, French Producer Jaze Baqti, with whom he recently
released a collaboration project titled Jaze Suite: 5110. So far, the project
is being lauded as one to watch by several online music sites. WriterJones'
drive? Hard work and passion for the art.

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