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Thursday, October 10, 2013

#RebuildingSolutions by @bondjamiebond from @UnMutedInk - YouTube

#RebuildingSolutions by @bondjamiebond from @UnMutedInk - YouTube
#RebuildingSolutions by @bondjamiebond from @UnMutedInk


Unfortunate circumstances
Created an untimely happenstance
Which is what happens when
A slow moving Ambulance is
Flashing Sirens sounding silent

Sold soiled souls solely
For the sake of sieving thru
Second chances for the sixth time
While attempting to teach structure
To instruct the solemn student
To stand still for a little while

Subliminal friction with open toe sandals
The heels go thru hell and struggle to heal,
Life's baseball bats cracked the knee caps
That need those knees that can no longer kneel

Hip sockets rock on hollow pivot
Like the toothless sober
Alcoholics' sloppy smiles
Speech slurred while
Untamed tones seems scorched
By the duplicitousness
Of a vexed tongue
That was once buttoned
Suddenly became unzipped
With sounds of whips cracking
Leaving unfastened strips
Against a slaves back
Secured like a pistol grip

Chip off the old block
Skipping like a rock
Making lips slightly look like
A slideshow in slow motion
As questionable eyes shimmer
With crow's-feet slits

The brightness of a black sun
Like an 8 ball in the side corner
Squinting to a familiar
Quintessential soul mates
Kisses of sublime sweetness

Cascade of tears sliding slippery
On the sleekness of blood shot eyes
Dry clumps of soluble mascara
Barely wet waterproof checks

Pain screaming like sliding safely into first base
Like somehow we're playing softball
Without an umpires impure input
Simply put its supplemented simplicity

Chopped shards of sharp shrapnel
Like scrap metal shaped like sharks teeth
Swiftly creating serrated C-sections
In a fraction of a second slowly switching
Shattering selfless service
And support staffs on stages
Making statements statewide
Mirror stuck on HD replay

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