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Friday, April 19, 2013

WKPJB The Indie Storm : Unmuted Ink: Donna Casey Chula Bebe 04/19 by WKPJB 1039 The Indie Storm | Blog Talk Radio

WKPJB The Indie Storm : Unmuted Ink: Donna Casey Chula Bebe 04/19 by WKPJB 1039 The Indie Storm | Blog Talk Radio

Join Jamie Bond & Tammy Jones
On unmuted Ink with WKPJB Radio Presents:
Donna Casey aka Chula Bebe
From Methodical Rage
Friday April 19th 2013 at 8pm est
(347) 324- 5487


Chula B, aka browneyedchula, Chula La Poeta, and thepeacewithin, has been utilizing her minds eye into the poetry every since she was 14 years old. She began a love triangle so to speak with music and poetry when she was at the ripe and tender age of 4. The first album she heard was Angela Bofill’s hit “Something About You” Chula was involved in the choirs from church to middle school up to senior high. She even tried out on a scholarship for UALR but was passed up. Chula never one to give up or out began to refocus her time and energy and became apart of RNP a local gospel group from Jacksonville, Ar. She began experimenting with different forms of creative writing, a few short stories here and there until she stumbled upon and mingled her pen with therealmsjones. Chula was hooked and the connection from that sisterhood flourished into Methodical Rage which is comprised of her and Tammy Jones out of Dirty Jersey. The two have been a combination of firepower ever since then. The duo put out a dedication to the late “Ill Will”, “Gil Scott Heron” and “Teena Marie” among other pieces always speaking and shouting the truth to the masses. Her mentors are her father Cordell Casey and her now deceased grandmother Lillie Mae Casey. She has traveled all over the nation with Rhythm N Praise Ministries and appeared on the acclaimed Bobby Jones Gospel with the same group. She loves to play her guitar outside by the river in her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. She digs live music and sushi bars. She often frequents the open mic spots just to soak up the energy and vibes. She is an Aries and loves to rock out no matter the atmosphere. Chula B is all about peace and love, put don’t get it misunderstood…she is from the South baby!!! Her dedication to her people, her purpose and her God are what set her poetry apart from others although she seeks no fame only unity and strength from what she has to give. So without further adieu I welcome you to the world of Chula B.

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